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Gies College of Business grants degrees three times a year -- in May, August, and December. You need to submit an application for graduation in your final term in order to place your name on the degree list and receive your diploma.

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Three Gies faculty named among nation's Top 50 professors

Apr 6, 2022, 08:29 by Aaron Bennett
Teaching Assistant Professor Aimee Barbeau, Professor Kevin Jackson, and Teaching Associate Professor Eric Larson were recognized. The marks the second consecutive year that Gies has placed three faculty on this prestigious list.

Three professors from Gies College of Business have been named among the Top 50 Undergraduate Business Professors in the nation by Poets&Quants. Teaching Assistant Professor Aimee Barbeau, Professor Kevin Jackson, and Teaching Associate Professor Eric Larson were recognized. This marks the second consecutive year that Gies has placed three faculty on this prestigious list.

Aimee Barbeau

Barbeau joined Gies in 2016. She teaches Professional Responsibility and Business, Ethical Dilemmas of Business, and Principles of Professional Responsibility. "A full 118 students and colleagues enthusiastically nominated Barbeau, more than almost any other professor in this year’s list," writes Poets&Quants. "She led a significant transformation of Business 101, a class taken by all 850 or so first-year Gies students." [Read Aimee Barbeau's full profile]

Eric Larson

Larson joined Gies in 2012. He currently teaches Business Analytics and Communicating with Data. "The most rewarding thing that I hear from a student is when they report back months or years later about how they applied what they learned in a new position or novel situation," he said. "I don’t expect to hear such a report very often, but it sure means a lot when I do." [Read Eric Larson's full profile]

Kevin JacksonJackson has taught at Gies since 2004. In addition to serving as Professor of Accoutancy, he is also Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs. He teaches a course on civil discourse, and he created Gies’ Access and Multicultural Engagement Program to make underrepresented minority communities feel welcome. "I was working at a large accounting firm and was asked to lead staff training. After the first training session I led, I marveled at how natural it felt to teach," he told Poets&Quants. "My desire [to become a teacher] was solidified when I connected with a program called the PhD Project; the program continues to present professionals from underrepresented populations with the information and the support to pursue a PhD in a business field." [Read Kevin Jackson's full profile]