World's iMBA Students at iConverge


iConverge is our annual on-campus networking and professional development event. It is a chance for students to see familiar friends, make new ones and develop professional relationships outside the classroom. Attendees can participate in thought-provoking talks and panel discussions as well as live lectures offered by some of the iMBA faculty. Held in Urbana-Champaign each September, students are also able to connect to the greater Illinois family, attend an Illini Football game, and tour campus.

Special Update on iConverge 2020

As we assess COVID-19’s impact on the upcoming fall semester, we’re taking a close look at all of our scheduled events to assess the feasibility of hosting them as planned. Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision that we will be unable to host iConverge this fall. Once the pandemic has eased and travel restrictions have been lifted, we will be coming to you. We will host events and meetups in cities all across the country and the world, so that we can see you, and you can meet each other in person.

Photos from iConverge 2019