Dropping Courses and Refunds

At times, there may be circumstances that require you to change your plans with little notice. It is important to understand the university deadlines to drop or withdraw from your courses.

The iMBA, iMSM, and iMSA Non-Accountancy elective course deadlines follow the Nonstandard University Schedule, because our course start/end dates vary from the rest of campus. iMSA deadlines will vary by the course and semester, but these courses often follow the standard university schedule.

As you look to drop, withdraw, or cancel your courses, you should review the Office of the Registrar's Refund Schedule and Withdrawal Schedule to identify academic deadlines and the associated refund you can expect. You can view the refund and withdrawal schedules for both current and future semesters, as well as search for specific courses within these schedules.

Please note, if you cancel or withdraw in the 1st 8-week session of a Spring or Fall semester, you will NOT be able to take courses in the 2nd 8-week session. You will need to wait until the next term to resume coursework.


Are you dropping all courses for a semester before the first day of that semester?

A cancellation is when a student signs up for courses and decides to no longer attend the University that term. Students may cancel registration no later than one day before the course officially begins. No tuition fees are charged for students who choose this option.

How to cancel registration: The easiest way to cancel registration is via Student Self-Service > Registration and Records > Cancel Registration. If you are unable to cancel through Student Self-Service, you may fill out the Cancellation Form and email it to i-support@illinois.edu.


If you have already completed any course this semester or are enrolled in any other course this semester, please select Drop.

Are you dropping all courses for a semester after the first day of that semester?

A withdrawal means dropping all courses for the entire term after the first date of instruction. Once you have attended a class or used campus services, you may not cancel your registration. Refunds for withdrawals are provided on a prorated scale (see Course Refund Guide).

How to withdrawal: To withdraw from the semester, please fill out the Withdrawal Form and submit it to i-support@illinois.edu. Please note, there is no option to request a withdrawal in Student Self-Service. You must submit the Withdrawal Form.

Important note: If you have already taken courses in the 1st weeks of a Fall or Spring semester, you CANNOT withdraw in the second 8-week session. Your only option is to drop a course(s) you are registered for at that time.


If you have completed any course that semester or are enrolled, you must select this option. 

Are you dropping one or more courses while remaining actively enrolled or have completed at least one course in that same semester?

A drop means dropping one or more courses while remaining actively enrolled in at least one course that same semester. Students cannot drop their last course — they must follow the withdrawal procedures above.

How to drop a course: To drop a course, do so online via Student Self-Service. You will need to submit a Late Registration Change Request in the Grad College Student Portal if it is past the halfway point of the course. You will not be able to submit a Late Registration Change Request beyond the final day of the course. We recommend that you send an email to i-support@illinois.edu if you have any questions about this policy.


If you drop or withdraw, you may still owe tuition toward the classes you were signed up for. The iMSM and iMBA programs follow the Non-Standard Course Schedule, meaning we do not follow the rest of the campus for start/end dates of our courses. The non-standard deadlines are based on the number of calendar days, not weekdays. If you make no payment, and then withdraw from the university or drop courses, you are liable for the full amount of tuition and fees originally assessed less applicable refunds. It is important you pay attention to the start/end dates of your courses and know whether they are 4 or 8 weeks in length.