Program Support Structure

We have an experienced team to help answer your general program questions as well as specific questions about:

  • How to drop, cancel, or withdraw from a course
  • Your grades or assignments
  • Degree planning
  • Course registration
  • Coursera access issues
  • Coursera assignment questions
  • Tuition or fees
  • How to request a letter of course completion
  • A private issue that only affects you

If you have questions, please email

When submitting questions via email, please:

  • Provide your nine-digit UIN for all inquiries
  • Be as specific as possible about the course(s) you are referencing
  • Provide as much relevant information. If possible, please include a screenshot of the error you are receiving. 

Please do not send any requests directly to the university email addresses of Course/Teaching Assistants. Use the infrastructure outlined above.