Course Registration Instructions

Student Self-Service is where you can register for courses, whether you are a degree-seeking student or a non-degree student. Through this portal, students can also drop classes, view billing information, and more. To access Student Self-Service, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit Student Self-Service and click on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  2. Use your Net ID and password to login.
  3. Verify your identity with your 2Factor/Duo.
  4. For first time logins, verify your personal information. Keep this information up-to-date to ensure proper delivery of important documents.

Step 1: Prepare for Registration

Login to Student Self-Service > Student Services > Registration and Records > Class Registration > Prepare for Registration

Information at this tab indicates your readiness for registration. Here you can find when you may register (your time ticket), your student status and standing, any holds on your account, time ticket availability, and your current college and curriculum. When you are finished checking on your readiness to register, return to the Main Menu.

Check Your Time Ticket

Your time ticket shows the time period in which you can register for courses. You can check your time ticket information in Student Self Service.

  • Log in to Student Self-Service
  • Click “Registration & Records” within the Student Services section
  • Scroll to the Registration section and click “Class Registration”
  • Click “Prepare for Registration"
  • Select the term to view your time ticket

Address Any Account Holds

Holds listed in Student Self-Service, such as Transcript Holds or Financial Holds, may prevent your registration. If you have holds on your account, please follow these steps:

  • Financial Holds - you must contact Student Financial Services to resolve any financial holds on your record before you can register for courses
  • Transcript Holds - Please refer to your Notice of Admission to identify what transcripts need to be sent in to have your transcript hold removed. If you have any questions, please contact the program for assistance.

Step 2: Register for Illinois Courses

When your eligibility to register for courses becomes active (time ticket instructions above), you may then complete your registration. You can view course offerings and create your degree plan to assist you in mapping out your courses.

To add courses:

  1. Log in to Student Self-Service > Student Services > Registration & Records > Registration > Class Registration > Register for Classes
  2. Select the Term
  3. Click on “Enter CRNs”
  4. Enter the CRN (Course Registration Number) and select the term’s course offerings.  The CRN is a 5 digit code for each course.  Make sure you select the CRN in the degree or non-degree column, depending on whether you are a degree or non-degree student during the term in which you’re registering
  5. Select “Add to Summary”
  6. Push “Submit” in the bottom right corner.
    If you have been registered successfully, the courses will show a green “registered” status. If you have not registered successfully, errors will appear and you will not be registered. The most common error our students receive is when they try to register for a degree section and they are non-degree or vice versa.
  7. You will not receive a confirmation email.
    You should always pay attention to the “status” in the Course Summary section in the bottom right corner — as mentioned above, registered courses will show up in green with a “registered” status. This is how you know you are correctly registered for a course.

Step 3: Coursera and Canvas

Your course material will auto-populate in your Coursera and Canvas Dashboards, also known as the soft-launch. This is a good time to login and look around your courses. Remember that your syllabus can be found in Canvas – this is where all of your high engagement material is housed. Coursera is where your foundational content is located. If you’d like to look around the Coursera components of your upcoming courses, check the Course Offerings page.

To avoid experiencing a delay in your courses, we encourage you to register at least two weeks before the course start dates, which varies each term, to ensure you have access to your courses on Coursera and Canvas. At the very latest, registration must be complete by 11:59pm CT on the first day of the course. Late registration is not permitted.

Registration FAQs

What is the maximum amount of credit hours I can register for?

The maximum amount of credit in which a graduate student may enroll is 20 hours in the fall and spring terms and 12 hours in the summer term. Students interested in registering beyond these limits will need to submit a Graduate Student Request form which will be reviewed by the Graduate College. Students may request an overload if they meet the following criteria:

  • Is in good academic standing
  • Has completed a minimum of 8 credit hours in their degree program
  • Cumulative GPA is a minimum of 3.0 at the time of the request for iMBA and iMSM, and a minimum of 3.25 for iMSA.

Students in non-degree status have other restrictions, and can find more information here.

I am trying to register but am receiving a Program Restriction message, why can't I get into this course?

Please be sure you are using the correct CRN code for your courses. We have sections built for both degree and non-degree students, so you are only able to register for your correct section.

Also, please do not search for courses by name, as several courses will have more than one section, and if you try to enroll in a non-iMBA section you will continue to get error messages. Please always use the CRN numbers to register so you get into the correct section the first time. We will always have updated CRN lists for students before each term to aid you in registration.

Why can I not register?

You may have a hold, either financial or transcript. Students can check this in the Student Self-Service > Registration and Records > Class Registration > Prepare for Registration.