What is the Joint Degree Program?

The joint iMBA/iMSA degree program delivers a high-quality program that is accessible to a global audience and allows students to earn both degrees simultaneously while minimizing time and cost. Students earn the two degrees by completing 92 credit hours instead of the 104 that would be required if each degree were pursued independently. Students will build and master skills in the following areas: technical accounting, business management, data analytics, finance, leadership, marketing, and strategy. The iMBA/iMSA is the only joint degree currently being offered. Currently, there is no joint degree for the iMSM program.

It is strongly recommended that students meet with a Student & Academic Success Specialist to discuss the degree requirements and steps to enter the iMBA/iMSA Joint Degree Program prior to applying. If admitted to the Joint Degree program, all students must meet with a Specialist.

Opportunities to connect

Office Hours – Connect with an iMSA Student & Academic Success Specialist Tuesdays from 1-2pm CT. Join Here.

Express Advising – Connect with an iMBA Student & Academic Success Specialist Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays from 10am CT – 12 pm CT; 1pm CT – 3pm CT To Join Express Advising, log in here and select “Express Advising.” Express Advising is only open to students once they have begun courses.

Email Us – Send an email to i-support@illinois.edu to be connect with a Student & Academic Success Specialist if you are interested in learning more about the Joint Degree.

Joint Degree Requirements

  • Complete the joint degree program in 5 years or less
  • Complete 92 credits from courses within the iMSA and iMBA curriculum
  • Maintain a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Apply for the joint degree program before you graduate from your initial program

Joint Degree Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements through iMBA
  • Complete a minimum of 3 consecutive semesters of iMBA coursework
  • Maintain cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Complete ACCY 500 with a grade of B or better
  • Create a degree plan with a Student & Academic Success Specialist
Admission Requirements through iMSA
  • Complete a minimum of 20 hours of Accountancy coursework
  • Maintain minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Create a degree plan with a Student & Academic Success Specialist


How to apply to the Joint Degree
  • Submit a Graduate College Request Form requesting a curriculum change to pursue the joint degree. This must be completed prior to applying to graduate for your first program.
  • Meet with a Student & Academic Success Specialist to understand remaining degree requirements


Students who choose to complete the joint degree should be aware that tuition will fluctuate between courses in the iMBA Curriculum and IMSA Curriculum.

All courses are billed by credit hour. Please review current tuition rates for both iMBA and iMSA Depending on elective course choices the total cost of the program ranges between US $41,984 and $47,480.

Commonly asked questions regarding the Joint Degree Program

Can I receive my degree from my primary program once I complete all of the requirements?

No. Students enrolled in the joint degree program will receive the iMBA and iMSA degrees concurrently. If you graduate from one program, you must complete all requirements for the second degree and are no longer eligible for the joint degree.

Is the iMBA version of ACCY 503 the same in the iMSA program?

No. The iMBA version of ACCY 503 is 8-weeks long and is similar in content to ACCY 503 A in the iMSA program. The iMSA version of ACCY 503 provides a more in-depth perspective of Managerial Accounting and is 16-weeks long. Consult with a Student & Academic Success Specialist to determine which section you should register for.

Should iMBA students complete ACCY 503 in the iMSA program instead?

iMBA students have the option to complete ACCY 503 Parts A and B once they transition into the iMSA program. However, they will need to replace ACCY 503 with an iMBA elective to fulfill the Core 3 specialization requirements. Most iMBA students complete ACCY 503 within their primary program and complete ACCY 503 Part B after their transition into the iMSA program.

What courses should replace ACCY 500 and ACCY 503 for those with the iMSA as their primary program?

ACCY 500 and ACCY 503 will need to be replaced with 8 credit hours in electives. These electives must be applicable to the iMBA program.

Can I choose the Elective Path as my one Focus Area in the iMBA program?

Unfortunately, no. Joint degree students must complete the 4 Core specializations and one full Focus Area specialization within the iMBA program. The Elective Path is not a full Focus Area as students complete a combination of elective courses.

Will I need to complete all of the iMSA core courses?

Yes. All joint degree students must complete the 5 core courses within the iMSA program.

Will the joint degree prepare me for the CPA?

Students are encouraged to review their home state’s Board of Examiners website for its exact CPA requirements. Most states permit students to have either an undergraduate or graduate degree related to accounting as a requirement to take the CPA Exam. However, students must check this information as it varies in each US state.

Students are encouraged to follow the Taxation path if they plan to take the CPA, as it closely aligns with the exam content.

Am I required to take Program Foundations as a Joint Degree learner?

Yes. All learners who begin the iMBA program in Fall 2023 or beyond are required to complete this course in the first 8 weeks of the program concurrently with their first course(s) in the program.