iMBA Course Offerings

Below is a table of courses that are offered for the upcoming semesters. You should always pay attention to the dates the course meets, the section of the course, and the CRN (Course Registration Number).  

Each course takes place on two platforms: Canvas and Coursera. In order to pass your courses, you must pass any associated Coursera MOOCs and obtain a Coursera certificate for each component. Failure to pass the associated Coursera MOOCs will result in a final grade of “F” for your for-credit courses.

For each registered course, you should budget 10 to 15 hours per week to complete all activities and assignments.

For your convenience, we are providing you with an Annual View of iMBA Course Offerings so you know when our courses are offered throughout the year. View future term dates here.

Program Capstone

To register for the Program Capstone, you must first add yourself to the Degree Conferral ("apply to graduate") list. For example, students who are graduating in December must put themselves on the Degree Conferral list for Fall. Once you add yourself to the Degree Conferral list, you will be able to register for the Program Capstone after 48 hours.