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iConverge is our annual on-campus networking and professional development event. It is a chance for students to see familiar friends, make new ones and develop professional relationships outside the classroom.

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Gies College of Business grants degrees three times a year -- in May, August, and December. You need to submit an application for graduation in your final term in order to place your name on the degree list and receive your diploma.

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News and Events

Implementing AI technology in business education

Gies' Chief Disruption Officer Robert Brunner shares his approach to adopting artificial intelligence and illustrates how the College is embracing new technologies and preparing students for what they will encounter in their future careers.

Cyber Risk Triad: Technology, Security and Insurance

Every organization is a target for cybercrime, but medium- and small-sized companies are increasingly vulnerable. They are big enough to make the hit worthwhile, yet lack a full-force IT department to put up sufficient defense. Cyberattacks dropped during the pandemic, and now the pace is picking up – with some high-profile ransomware incidents resulting in millions in payoffs. Cyberrisk is a systemic risk, and building a better defense is mission critical. This webinar will provide tips and techniques to identify vulnerabilities and highlight a developing cyberrisk model designed to help insurers better price the risk in order to expand cyber coverage.

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John Donald is a Cyber Advisor at AXIS Capital. He previously worked in investment banking for 20 years, during which he won the Institutional Investor award for No. 1 ranking in Asian Equity Research for five consecutive years. He left Investment Banking in 2004 and bought a Scotch Whiskey company which he successfully sold to investors in 2008. For the next 10 years, he ran his own risk consultancy advising on geopolitical and cyber risk – before joining AXIS Capital in 2019.

Runhuan Feng is a Professor of Mathematics,Statistics,Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He consults for many organizations and provides expert testimony to law firms for public policy assessment and actuarial analysis. He researches the mathematics and economics of risk and uncertainty in the financial world, and he has published extensively on top-tier actuarial and quantitative finance journals. Runhuan also co-founded the Illinois Risk Lab, which facilitates research activities that integrate experiential learning for Illinois students and address industrial problems.

Lynne McChristian is a senior instructor and director of the Office of Risk Management & Insurance Research at Gies College of Business. The Office was established to design research on critical issues facing the industry and engage students seeking careers in risk management and (re)insurance. McChristian’s corporate career includes more than 14 years working in the Florida office of USAA. She has also been a consultant with the Insurance Information Institute and the American Property Casualty Insurance Association.