iMSM Program Requirements

Preparation is key to your success in this program. Your iMSM degree is designed to be completed in 1 to 2 years. In that time, you will complete 36 credit hours over 9 to 10 courses. For successful completion of this program, all iMSM students are required to:

  • Complete 36 Credit Hours
    Comprised of 24 credit hours of required courses and 12 credit hours of electives.
  • Complete Degree within 5 Years
    While our program is designed to be completed in 1 to 2 years, students can take up to 5 years to complete the degree as long as they are making satisfactory progress. The clock starts in a student’s first term as a degree student (time spent as a non-degree is not counted).
  • Earn a Cumulative GPA of 2.75
    This is the minimum GPA required to maintain good academic standing in each term and to graduate. Students who fall below this standard will be placed on academic probation. You will be dismissed by the Grad College if this happens in two consecutive terms.

Core and Electives

As mentioned above, we break our courses down into required courses and electives.

Embedded Graduate Certificates

iMSM degree-seeking learners have the option to obtain up to one Graduate Certificate while in pursuit of their MSM degree. The addition of a Graduate Certificate is optional and can be selected from elective coursework:  

  • Global Challenges in Business
  • Strategic Leadership and Management
How to earn an Embedded Graduate Certificate

To earn a Graduate Certificate as part of your iMSM, you must complete 12 credit hours and all coursework within the Graduate Certificate you wish to add to your academic record. To add a Graduate Certificate to your record, you must submit a Curriculum Change petition to the Graduate College by the deadline in the semester you wish to earn it. It is highly recommended that you submit this petition as soon as you register for the final course in the Graduate Certificate.  

Fall Deadlines  l   Spring Deadlines   l    Summer Deadlines   

Follow these instructions to successfully submit your petition:  

  1. Login to the Graduate Student Portal using your NetID and password  
  2. Under the "Forms and Resources" section, click on the "Graduate Student Petition" link and "Start a new petition"  
  3. Select "Curriculum Change" and "Other" as your request type and complete all fields on the form  
  4. Are you currently on an upcoming degree list? Select "Yes" or "No" to indicate if you have already applied to graduate from the iMSA. You can verify this by clicking on the “View Graduation Application” in the UIUC Self-Service “Graduation” section 
  5. Enter the effective Term: Enter the term you wish to desire to add this to your academic record 
  6. Select Curriculum Change Category: "Current doctoral or master's student adding a secondary certificate program curriculum"  
  7. Add first certificate in the "New Degree Program" from the drop-down list  
  8. Please provide a detailed explanation of your request.
    "Please add {Grad Cert} as the secondary Graduate Certificate”  
  9. Click "continue" when you have completed these steps and to submit your petition.   

It may take up to four weeks to see this added to your academic record. Once it has been added to your record, you must submit your application to graduate in Student Self-Service.  

Required Core Courses

ACCY 503: Managerial Accounting
BADM 508: Leadership and Teams
  • Illinois Component: Develops and integrates fundamental behavioral concepts and theory having administrative applications; initially focuses on the individual decision maker and ultimately includes interpersonal, organizational, and social structures and influences; and develops strategies and methods of research on behavioral applications in business. 
  • Coursera Components: Leading Teams: Developing as a Leader and Leading Teams: Building Effective Team Cultures
  • 4 credit hours; 8 weeks length 
  • Learn more
BADM 544: Strategic Management
  • Illinois Component: Introduces concepts useful in understanding marketing systems and buyer behavior in addition to developing skills in making marketing decisions; the orientation is primarily managerial and uses examples from both business and non-business contexts.  
  • Coursera Components: Business Strategy and Corporate Strategy.
  • 4 credit hours; 8 weeks length 
  • Learn more
BADM 567: Operations Management
  • Illinois Component: This is an introductory course in decision-making problems in production; includes the theoretical foundations for production management as well as the applications of decision-making techniques to production problems in the firm; and considers production processes, plant layout, maintenance, scheduling, quality control, and production control in particular.
  • Coursera Components: Operations Management: Organization and Analysis and Operations Management: Quality and Supply Chain
  • 4 credit hours; 8 weeks length 
  • Learn more
BADM 520: Marketing Management
  • Illinois Component: Introduces concepts useful in understanding marketing systems and buyer behavior in addition to developing skills in making marketing decisions; the orientation is primarily managerial and uses examples from both business and non-business contexts.
  • Coursera Components: Developing a Winning Marketing Strategy and Developing a Marketing Mix for Growth
  • 4 credit hours; 8 weeks length 
FIN 500: Introduction to Finance

Elective Options

With the remaining 12 credit hours, students can customize their degree by taking the following elective courses. Students need to be sure that they take a total of 12 credit hours. Note that the * next to a course indicates a 2 credit hour course instead of the standard 4 credit hour course.

ACCY 500: Accounting Measurement, Reporting and Control
BADM 509: Managing Organizations
BADM 589: Project Management
  • Illinois Component: Master techniques and tools used by project managers, identify critical behavior required of teams for managing projects, and be aware of potential conflicts and problems that can occur during a project’s lifestyle.
  • Coursera Components: Project Initiation & Planning and Project Execution & Control 
  • 4 Credit Hours; 8 weeks in length
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MBA 549: Multiculturalism in Management and the Marketplace
  • Illinois Component: This course introduces the fundamentals of cross-cultural management by describing the impact of culture on interpersonal processes in organizations, discussing how culture shapes decision-making, negotiation, leadership, teamwork, and organizational structure. Additionally, this course introduces the foundations for dealing with multiculturalism in the marketplace, discussing how culture impacts consumer behavior and how marketers can leverage these insights.
  • Coursera Components: Global Impact: Cross-Cultural Management and Global Impact: Multiculturalism
MBA 547: Global Marketing
  • Illinois Component: Enables students to understand how globalization changes consumers at a psychological level and provides tools for imbuing brands with cultural meanings that can resonate with global consumers. Examines the ethical bases of corporate decision making using critical ethical analysis, educate and create sensitivity about ethical issues in business.
  • Coursera Components: Global Marketing: Cultural Frameworks and Global Marketing: Building Iconic Brands
  • 4 Credit Hours; 8 weeks in length
MBA 548: Global Strategy
MBA 561: Introduction to Business Analytics with R*
  • Illinois Component: MBA 561 welcomes you to the world of business analytics by exploring examples of how data analytics has improved business outcomes for large and small organizations. The course then continues by introducing you a powerful data analytic language, R, and RStudio, the integrated development environment (IDE) to code with R. You will be also introduced to notebooks, and dashboards, with which you can learn to communicate code and analytic results with other people. You will also learn some data manipulation skills to prepare your data so that they can be analyzed with visualizations and machine learning algorithms.
  • Coursera Components: Introduction to Business Analytics with R
  • 2 Credit Hours; 4 weeks in length
MBA 562: Introduction to Business Analytics: Communicating with Data*
MBA 565: Infonomics
  • Illinois Component: This course provides a non-technical perspective on and methods for monetizing, managing, and measuring information as if it were any other kind of corporate asset.
  • Coursera Components: Infonomics I and Infonomics II
  • 4 Credit Hours; 8 weeks in length
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*Denotes a 2 credit hour course

Suggested Course Pairings

Looking for electives that build upon one another? Select one of the following suggested course pairings to satisfy your 12 elective hours. Please note that these paths are only suggested course pairings—they are not transcriptable and will not appear on your degree as a concentration.

Option 1: Business Value and Project Management:

  • ACCY 500:  Accounting Measurement, Reporting, and Control (Financial Accounting)
  • BADM 509:  Managing Organizations
  • BADM 589:  Project Management

Option 2: Global Business Challenges:

  • MBA 549: Multiculturalism in Management and the Marketplace
  • MBA 547:  Global Marketing
  • MBA 548:  Global Strategy

Option 3: Business Data Management and Communication:

  • ACCY 500: Financial Accounting
  • MBA 562:  Introduction to Data: Communicating with Data*
  • MBA 561:  Introduction to Business Analytics with R*
  • MBA 565: Infonomics

*Denotes a 2 credit hour course

iMSM Degree Planning Resources

Your degree plan is an important step that will give you a road map toward graduation. Our dedicated Student & Academic Success Specialists will work with you throughout your iMSM journey to help you plan a degree path that will meet your professional and personal needs. For this reason, it is always a good idea to submit your degree plan to a specialist for review.

iMSM Degree Planning Resources

iMSM Sample Plans
These documents cover options for a 1-, 2-year plan.

Annual iMSM Course Offerings
For your convenience, we provide you with an Annual View of iMSM Course Offerings to give you a good idea of when our courses are offered throughout the year.

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