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Carle Medical Capstone Application Deadline

The Carle College of Medicine is the world’s first engineering-based college of medicine where they are leveraging advanced technology to train physical-innovators. During the medical students' final year in the program, they complete a capstone project. This is a year-long project where medical students will team up with business and engineering students to develop a new product - at least a working prototype - for the capstone. More detailed information can be found in the two attachments.

At this time, the opportunity is only available to iMBA learners who reside in the U.S. Upon successful completion of all 3 semesters of the Carle College of Medicine Capstone, iMBA learners will fulfill both specialization capstone requirements.

Application Process

Learners interested in being part of the capstone team will need to submit a resume and a short video that includes an introduction of yourself and the skills you will bring to the capstone team. The selection is competitive and determined by the Carle College of Medicine Capstone Committee.

You can apply to participate at to apply is Friday, February 24. 

If you have any questions regarding the opportunity, please reach out to Professor Ravi Mehta (