At a Glance: August 8, 2022

Aug 8, 2022
Online Programs Announcements
Fall Courses Begin
Fall first 8-week courses begin this Wednesday, August 10. Please be sure to check your course start and end dates for the Fall term as some course dates may vary. 

Online Programs utilizes dual platforms with Canvas and Coursera. Makes sure to access your course in both platforms to be successful.
Drop Deadline for Fall 1 Courses
For Fall first 8- week courses that launch on Wednesday, August 10, the drop deadline to receive a full refund is Monday, August 15 at 11:59 pm CTFor more information about dropping or withdrawing, please refer to our Dropping Courses and Refunds webpage and Fall Refund Guide.
Summer 2022 Grade Release
Final grades for Summer 2022 will be available to view in Student Self-Service this Friday, August 12.
New MOOC Launch
MOOC 1 for the new course MBA 547 Global Marketing has launched! 
MOOC 1 Global Marketing: Cultural Frameworks and get started. 

Registered for MBA 547 this Fall? Certificates and progress earned in the old version of the MOOCS will not transfer. 
In Case You Missed It...
New Global Courses Available in Degree Planner
It was announced in May 2022, that two new courses will launch for the Global Challenges Specialization:
                                 MBA 547:  Global Marketing

                                 MBA 599:* Multiculturalism in Management and Marketplace

Both courses should now appear in the student portal degree planning tool in the term they are offered. 

Note about course offerings: MBA 547: Global Marketing is launching this Fall term, but will shift to a May delivery beginning in Summer 2023. MBA 999* Multiculturalism in Management will be launching in August 2023 and will be offered in subsequent August terms.

If you have any questions about degree planning options or the recent changes to the Global Challenges Specialization, please reach out to our Student and Academic Specialist Team.

*MBA 599 is a temporary course number until a permanent course number is assigned.
Update Your Grouping Preference Form 
At the beginning of each 8-week session, you should update your availability on the Grouping Preference Form. The grouping preference tool translates your time preferences into UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) so you can be grouped with individuals with similar availability around the globe. 
August 2022 Degree Conferral (No Commencement)
August 8
Fall 1 Courses Begin 
August 10
Summer 2022 Grades Released
August 12
Midwest Healthcare Management Conference
August 12
Drop Deadline for August 10 courses
August 15 | Fall Refund Guide
Holiday Closure - Labor Day
September 5 | The University of Illinois will be closed on Monday, September 5, in observance of Labor Day, a National Holiday in the United States.
iConverge 2022
September 8 - 10 
Fall 2 Registration Deadline
September 22 
Japan Virtual Immersion
October 5-18 
Deadline to Apply to Graduate in December
October 30 | Instructions Here