At a Glance: August 1, 2022

Aug 3, 2022
Online Programs Announcements
First 8 Week Courses Soft Launch Wednesday
Fall 1 courses will soft launch on Wednesday, August 3. Soft launch allows you to view your registered
classes in both 
Canvas and Coursera, giving you the chance to review your course syllabi and expectations before the official start date. 

NoteIf you have registered after the July 21 deadline, your courses may not appear by soft launch. 
New Global Courses Available in Degree Planner
It was announced in May 2022, that two new courses will launch for the Global Challenges Specialization:
                                 MBA 547:  Global Marketing

  MBA 599:* Multiculturalism in Management and Marketplace
Both courses should now appear in the student portal degree planning tool in the term they are offered. 

Note about course offerings: MBA 547: Global Marketing is launching this Fall term, but will shift to a May delivery beginning in Summer 2023. MBA 999* Multiculturalism in Management will be launching in August 2023 and will be offered in subsequent August terms.

If you have any questions about degree planning options or the recent changes to the Global Challenges Specialization, please reach out to our Student and Academic Specialist Team.

*MBA 599 is a temporary course number until a permanent course number is assigned.
Update Your Grouping Preference Form
At the beginning of each 8-week session, you should update your availability on the Grouping Preference Form. The grouping preference tool translates your time preferences into UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) so you can be grouped with individuals with similar availability around the globe. 
Engage With Gies Undergrads Through Action Learning
The Magelli Office of Experiential Learning is looking for companies and organizations to sponsor projects for talented, highly motivated Gies students. Projects can include market analysis, financial modeling, strategy and growth, data technology, and more, and most are at no cost to clients.  

When you sponsor a project, you’ll have some of the brightest business students in the country working for you. Gies students work on projects for Fortune 100 companies, mid-sized businesses, and startups. These projects are intentionally integrated throughout our curricular, co-curricular, and online formats to provide a powerful experience for every Gies student and real, tangible results for our client partners.

Visit to learn more and submit a project. Not quite ready to submit a project? Fill out this brief form, and a representative from the team can send you more information. 

Submissions Due: 
August 5, 2022
In Case You Missed It...
Japan Virtual Global Immersion Capstone
October 5-18, 2022
Join us in October for a virtual capstone to learn about how Japan now works to reinvent itself via focusing on their startup ecosystem, developing technological advancements, and venturing into new markets. Japanese MBA students will join you in this virtual course which combines interactive activities, lectures/discussions with Japanese and Gies professors, and a team case challenge where you will work together to solve a real business problem facing a Japanese company. 

The island country of Japan remains the third-largest economy and the fifth-leading exporter in the world. Long known for its advanced technological and manufacturing expertise, Japan has been the envy of many. Yet its rapidly aging population and declining productivity present new challenges. 

Please see the attached flyer for detailed course timing and syllabus. Space is limited, so please register as soon as possible. 

Participation fee: $550 
How can I register? To secure your spot, please submit a $100 non-refundable deposit and complete this form by Friday, August 5.  You will be notified of your acceptance by August 17. If demand exceeds capacity, we will give priority based on seniority (credits earned) in the program. If you are not selected, your deposit will be refunded.
Does this course count as credit toward my capstones? If successfully completed, global immersions can count for ONE of the two required specialization capstone courses. Students cannot use the immersion for the program capstone.  Students can participate in more than one global immersion, however only one will count as a specialization capstone course. Students are welcome to participate in the immersion regardless of whether if it counts as a specialization capstone. 
Revised BADM 508 MOOC Launch 
MOOC 1 for BADM 508: Leadership and Teams has launched! 
MOOC 1 Leading Teams: Developing as a Leader and get started.

Registered for BADM 508 this Fall? If you have previously completed old versions of these MOOCs and have received the certificate, it will still be recognized. However, you should plan to watch any new video content to be successful in your accompanying high-engagement component of the course. 
Online Programs Alumni Spotlight 
Gabrielle Young is the new Executive Director for Strategic Marketing and Communications for Maryville University. Young will apply over 15 years of experience to direct Maryville’s marketing and communication strategy. Young received her Master of Business Administration here at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a focus in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Strategic Innovation. Huge congratulations to Gabrielle!
3 Questions About the Scaled Online Degree Program
Our very own Executive Associate Dean Brooke Elliot and Associate Dean Nerissa Brown discuss the innovative origins and growth of Gies Online Programs, the future of the stackable and scalable degree model, and the opportunities of building a global professional network provided in Online Programs. Read the full Inside Higher Ed interview.
Seattle Immersion
August 2-6
Fall 1 Course Soft Launch
August 3
iConnect Seattle
August 5 | 6 pm 
August 2022 Degree Conferral (No Commencement)
August 8
Fall 1 Courses Begin 
August 10
Summer 2022 Grades Released
August 12
Midwest Healthcare Management Conference
August 12
Drop Deadline for August 10 courses
August 15 | Fall Refund Guide
iConverge 2022
September 8 - 10 | Register by Today
Fall second 8-week Registration Deadline
September 22 
Japan Virtual Immersion
October 5-18 | Register Here