At a Glance: May 16, 2022

May 19, 2022
Online Programs Announcements
Holiday Closure - Monday, May 30
The University of Illinois will be closed on Monday, May 30 for Memorial Day, a National Holiday in the United States. University offices will be closed and there will be no live sessions offered, although you may have assignments due on this day. Please refer to your syllabus for assignment deadlines. There will be no At a Glance newsletter on May 30. 
Fall 2022 New Student Guide Applications Now Open!
Applications are open now for Fall 2022 New Student Guides. New Student Guides serve as a mentor and guide for new students through their first term enrollment, assist newly admitted students in forming strong connections with colleagues and offer means and methods for current students to develop leadership skills outside of the classroom.

As a New Student Guide, you will be expected to:

  • Connect with assigned 1:1 pairings
  • Drive activity in the Workplace Groups (creating posts, answering questions)
  • Attend a minimum of 2 events - either New Student Guide Office Hours or Welcome Sessions
The deadline for applications is May 25 ​​and you can find the application here. The minimum requirements are  laid out in the application. Shortly after the deadline, you'll hear more from our team on training and other important info.
Ivy Exec Webinar: Multiculturalism and its Consequences for Marketing & Management
Presented by Maria Rodas, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
May 17, 11am CT | Register here

In a globalized world, multiculturalism is on the rise. This is not only fueled by migration patterns, but also by the increasing knowledge of local consumers about multiple cultures. Multicultural consumers develop certain unique characteristics. Specifically, through their cultural experiences, multicultural consumers develop greater cognitive flexibility, which refers to the ability to simultaneously consider multiple conflicting representations of a single object or event and to make uncommon associations. This increased cognitive flexibility can lead to more creativity, given the increased flexibility in framing the same problem in different ways, as well as to preferences for certain types of brands, for example, brands with contradictory meanings.
Gies Download: Lucy Chang Evans
Lucy Chang Evans has been everything from a civil engineer to a Secret Service agent to a stay-at-home mom. For most of her adult life, she has walked the fine line of balancing ambition with circumstance – leading her down numerous paths including running for public office and going back to school at nearly 50 years old in the Gies iMBA program. Lucy was the guest on the latest episode of the Gies Download.
To listen to this or any of our prior podcasts, you can also go to our Gies Download playlist.
Grouping Preference Form
Taking courses this summer? You should update your grouping preference form to match your current availability. The grouping preference tool translates your time preferences into UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) so you can be grouped with individuals with similar availability. 
ACCY 550: Multistate Taxation Begins
 May 16 | Refer to Course Refund Guide for Drop Deadlines | Open to iMSA Students
Summer Courses Start - iMBA, iMSM, non-ACCY electives
May 18 | Exceptions: MBA 563
Spring Final Grades Available to View via Student Self-Service
May 21 
Summer Drop Deadline - 8-Week Courses Beginning on May 18
 May 23 | Refer to Course Refund Guide | Exceptions: MBA 562
Holiday Closure - Memorial Day 
May 30 |  The University of Illinois will be closed on Monday, May 30, in observance of Memorial Day, a National Holiday in the United States.
MBA 563: Data Toolkit: Business Data Modeling & Predictive Analytics Begins
 June 8 | Refer to Course Refund Guide for Drop Deadlines
iMSA Summer Courses Start
June 13 | Exceptions: ACCY 550
Holiday Closure - Juneteenth
June 17 |  The University of Illinois will be closed on Friday, June 17, in observance of Juneteenth, a National Holiday in the United States.
iConverge 2022
September 8 - 10