At a Glance: February 21, 2022

Feb 28, 2022
Online Programs Announcements
Second 8-Week Registration Deadline - Wednesday!
The deadline to register for second 8-week courses is this Wednesday, February 23. Register via Student Self-Service today as courses may reach capacity. If you do not register as by the deadline, you will experience a delay in access to your courses on Canvas and Coursera.

If you need help picking out classes or have questions regarding registration, please visit us during Express Advising or iMSA Office Hours to quickly get answers to your questions or email
Removing Invisible Barriers in Mental Health Through Ethical Entrepreneurship
Tuesday, February 22 | 6 - 7:30 pm
Please join the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Gies Business for a special Black History Month conversation featuring Kevin Dedner, CEO and founder of Hurdle, an innovative digital mental health platform company in Washington, DC, that provides culturally intentional teletherapy to eliminate barriers that make it harder for people of color to get mental health care. In 2021, Hurdle raised $5 million in seed funding to accelerate expansion of its mental health platform. This will be a dynamic, informative discussion. There will also be opportunities for questions from the audience. 
Register today!
Updates to Coursera Components
BADM 508 Updates
Both the Coursera MOOCs for BADM 508: Leadership and Teams, are currently being revised for Fall 2022. Because the content in both MOOCs will be vastly different and completely redesigned, both MOOCs will be launched as completely new MOOCs with new titles. At this time, you should not work ahead in a public session of these MOOCs as your progress will not transfer over to a private session upon enrollment in BADM 508.

Because of the significant revisions in this course, Gies Online is not able to honor certificates earned in previous versions for each MOOC. If you have already earned a certificate for MOOC 1: Foundations of Everyday Leadership or MOOC 2: Applications of Everyday Leadership,andare taking the high-engagement portion of BADM 508 beginning Fall 2022 or later, you will need to re-complete the new MOOCs and earn the new certificates once the new MOOCs are launched.
Gies Online anticipates both MOOCs will be available to access in early- to mid-July. When the MOOCs are completed, you can find links and announcements in At-a-Glance and on the Gies Online website.
If you are currently in BADM 508, you should access the MOOCs through your course site on Canvas. The MOOC redesign will not impact your current progress.

FIN 572 MOOCs Available
The first Coursera component for FIN 572: Money and Banking has just launched. The first MOOC is Finance of Mergers and Acquisitions: Valuation Pricing and the second MOOC will be available at a later date.
Racial Justice Allies and Advocates 1.0 Workshop
Sponsored by the University's Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Relations, the Racial Justice Allies and Advocate Training program provides students, faculty, and staff with a core awareness of the structures of racism and its role in interpersonal relationships. This training will help empower allies to elevate the voices of underrepresented populations at the University of Illinois. This training workshop will be held on Zoom with the choice of six different dates. Register here! 
Blockchain in Business: Empowering You to Manage Disruption
February 23 | 10 am CT and March 9 | 6 pm CT
Blockchain is beginning to transform virtually every industry – from groceries to financial transactions and everywhere in between. So what is blockchain? And what does it mean for business? Gies College of Business is bringing together academic and industry leaders to share the basics of blockchain, discuss its disruptive power, and prepare you to navigate the rapidly evolving applications that are transforming every industry. 
Join us for "Blockchain in Business: Empowering You to Manage Disruption.”
iMBA Alumni Featured in The Gies Download Podcast
Brock Kreitzburg has done it all. College football player. Olympic athlete. He even worked on a NASCAR pit crew for a time. But despite his background, the Gies MBA alum still felt like something was missing. On this episode of the Gies Download, Brock joins host Tim Sinclair to discuss bobsledding and business...and those super tight speed suits. Listen here!
Core Specialization Capstones Start Soon!
If you have completed all the coursework in the core sequences, or are registered for the last class in the first 8-weeks, you can register for one of the four core capstones now! Did you know you can form your own groups for the capstones? After registering for the capstone, you can submit your grouping requests to the forms below. Once a request has been submitted, it cannot be changed. Only one student from each group needs to submit the request.
Submit Your Capstone Group Request:
Core 1: Strategic Leadership and Management
Core 2: Managerial Economics and Business Analysis
Core 3: Value Chain Management
Core 4: Financial Management

Please email if you have questions on submitting this form. Forms must be submitted by February 27. Registration for capstones closes February 23. 
Second 8-week Registration Deadline - iMBA, iMSM, iMSA non-ACCY electives
February 23
iMSA Second 8-week Courses Begin
March 14
Second 8-week Courses Begin - iMBA, iMSM, iMSA non-ACCY electives
March 16
Drop Deadline Second 8-week Courses - iMBA, iMSM, iMSA non-ACCY electives
March 21
Gies MBA Connect
March 29 | 6 - 8 PM CT
May 2022 Convocation Ceremony
May 15 | 1:30 PM CT | State Farm Center