At a Glance: January 31, 2022

Feb 1, 2022
Online Programs Announcements
Register for Second 8-week Courses
Have you registered for second 8-week courses? Please make sure that you check the website for details on course offerings and how to register for classes. If you have questions regarding registration, please visit us at Express Advising or email to quickly get answers to your questions! The deadline to register for second 8-week courses (starting March 16) is February 23.

Highlighted Second 8-Week Course Options

FIN 572: Finance of Mergers & Acquisitions, taught by Heitor Almeida, Stanley C and Joan J Golder Chair in Corporate Finance and Academic Director of iMBA. The first course in the new Mergers & Acquisitions Specialization, will be offered this March. In this course, you will learn to value and price M&A deals and how to choose the optimal financing mix for an M&A deal.  

Available to iMBA and iMSA students. Completing FIN 584 and ACCY 500 before beginning this specialization will set you up for the best path to success. 

BADM 589: Project Management, taught by Fataneh Taghaboni-Dutta, Clinical Professor of Business Administration. Central to this course is developing your understanding and ability to manage the technical dimensions of needs analysis, work breakdown, scheduling, resource allocation, risk management, and performance tracking and evaluation such that you can accomplish them while staying within the project's allocated time frame and cost.
Available to iMBA, iMSA, and iMSM students.
iMBA Carle Medical Capstone Opportunity
The Carle College of Medicine is the world’s first engineering-based college of medicine where they are leveraging advanced technology to train physical-innovators. During the medical students' final year in the program, they complete a capstone project. This is a year-long project where medical students will team up with business and engineering students to develop a new product - at least a working prototype - for the capstone. More detailed information can be found in the two attachments.
At this time, the opportunity is only available to iMBA students who reside in the U.S.
Students interested in being part of the capstone team will need to submit a resume and video introduction of yourself and the skills you will bring to the capstone team. The selection is competitive and determined by the Carle College of Medicine Capstone Committee. Upon successful completion of all 3 semesters of the Carle College of Medicine Capstone, iMBA students will fulfill both specialization capstone requirements.
You can apply to participate hereDeadline to apply is Tuesday, February 15.
If you have any questions regarding the opportunity, please reach out to Professor Ravi Mehta (
Communicate with Your Course Groups Through Canvas
Did you know you can easily communicate with your course groups through Canvas? This feature allows your group to track messages about upcoming tasks, and view how many unread messages from your group that you have. You can find detailed instructions on how to communicate through Canvas in Module 3 of the Online Programs onboarding course.
Looking for a good time to meet with your group? Select "Course Roster" on your course home page in Canvas, and then open the "course group matched time pdf". Find your group number and the recommended times based off each group member's group preference form.
Second 8-week Registration Deadline - iMBA, iMSM, iMSA non-ACCY electives
February 23
Second 8-week Courses Begin - iMBA, iMSM, iMSA non-ACCY electives
March 16
May 2022 Convocation Ceremony
May 15 | 1:30 PM CT | State Farm Center