At a Glance: October 4

Oct 6, 2021
Online Programs Announcements
Still Need to Register for Second 8-weeks?
You can still register for Fall second 8-week courses at this time! Courses soft launch on October 6 for iMBA and iMSM, however if you want access to your courses during the soft launch week, it is important to take time and register today! Need help picking classes? Remember you can always get help by emailing
Transition to Canvas
Second 8-week fall courses begin soft-launch this Wednesday, October 6! iMBA and iMSM courses will transition to the Canvas platform, which will be replacing Compass 2g. To prepare for the transition, it is recommended to complete the Canvas Onboarding Course to familiarize yourself with the platform prior to classes starting. MBA 591 will still be offered this Fall in Compass 2G, so make sure to log into that platform for the Program Capstone.
Update your Grouping Preference Form
Whether you are a new Gies Online student or returning, you should make sure to update your Grouping Preference Form at the beginning of each 8-week term. This will allow the program to group you with other individuals that have similar availability from around the globe!
View Your Live Session Links on the Student Portal
Looking for an easy way to find live session links? You can find the links to each of your live sessions under Live Event Links, located at the top of the student portal! The links for each live session will be available a few minutes before the start of each class. You can now view upcoming live sessions for your courses by clicking the red forward arrows. This new feature allows you to plan ahead for each live session!
Graduating this December? Complete These Important Steps
If you are planning to graduate this December, it is time to begin your final steps in the program. Be sure to apply to graduate and update your personal information on UIUC Self-Service. For iMBA students, you will need to register for MBA 591: Program Capstone 48 hours after applying to graduate. MBA 591 will still take place on Compass 2g this Fall.

Take this time to view the Gies Online Programs Graduation Course, which contains other important steps and resources as your prepare to graduate from Gies Online!
COVID-19 Compliance
For students in a fully online course schedule who are not visiting campus, UIUC's policies for Covid-19 vaccine and testing requirements do not apply. You should update your residential address in Student Self-Service each time your address changes. 

If you have questions around Covid-19 policies, please visit the university's Covid-19 website
If you are unable to locate an answer on the COVID-19 website, please email
Fall 2 Revised MOOCs Available
The first MOOC for BADM 567: Process Management has now launched. You can find MOOC 1 here: Operations Management. 
Both MOOCs for ACCY 593: Financial Statement Analysis for MBAs have also launched. 
Access MOOC 1: Financial Statements, SEC Filings and Ratio Analysis
Access MOOC 2: Beyond the Financials: Insights, Analysis, and Valuations
Virtual Immersion to Ghana
October 6 - 19
Fall Second 8-week Courses Launch
October 13
Drop Deadline for Second 8-week courses
October 18
Time Tickets available in Self-Service for Spring 2022
October 18