At a Glance: August 23 - iMBA

Sep 3, 2021
Online Programs Announcements
Using Internet Explorer to Access Coursera?
At this time, Coursera no longer offers technical support for Internet Explorer. In the next few months, Coursera will no longer be available using Internet Explorer so take this time to transition to a different browser. For questions, please review the Support Browsers and Mobile App in the onboarding course.
DPI Speaker Series: Hear from Moderna co-founder Dr. Robert Langer
We invite you to participate in this upcoming event as part of the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) Speaker Series. DPI is a world-class research and education center led by the University of Illinois System, and is a close partner with Gies College of Business in driving innovation and growing the state’s workforce. On Wednesday, August 25 from 12-1 pm CT, Moderna co-founder Robert Langer will hold a fireside chat on the topic of turning earth’s tiniest particles into billion-dollar businesses. Register Here
HEERF III COVID-19 Emergency Grants
The University of Illinois has launched a new grant program, funded by the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) III, which is a part of the federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Graduate and professional students may submit a request for an emergency grant of up to $1,000 to help with financial challenges associated with COVID-19. Students enrolled in an on-campus or online program are eligible to apply regardless of nationality or citizenship status. More information about this grant is available online.

The application period for COVID-19 Emergency Grants is now open and will close Friday, September 17, 2021. HEERF III COVID-19 Emergency Grants are administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid. If you have questions, please contact OFSA at or 217-333-0100.
MOOC Revisions for 2nd 8-week Courses
Because we strive to deliver innovative and exceptional course content, several MOOCs for upcoming courses will have significant changes. It is strongly recommended to not complete the following MOOCs until a new version has been launched:
BADM 567 - MOOCs 1 and 2
MBA 564 Special Topics 2 - MOOC 1 
The MOOC for MBA 544: Marketing in an Analog World is now live! 
Access The Digital Marketing Revolution and begin preparing for MBA 544.

The MOOC for MBA 564 Special Topics 1: Applying Data Analytics in Marketing is now live!
Access the MOOC here. This MOOC is for MBA 564 Special Topics 1, which begins October 13.

If you have previously completed old versions of these MOOCs and have received the certificate, it will still be recognized. However, you should plan to watch any new video content in order to be successful in your accompanying high-engagement courses.
Celebrating our iMBA Student Council
We are excited to welcome the new iMBA Student Council members! The Student Council consists of a group of iMBA student leaders who are selected by the program through an application process. The Student Council works in close contact with program administration to build a strong network and support initiatives that advance the program's strategic priorities. 

Please join us in welcoming the following new members: 
Deepa Eswara        Matthew Jones        Kripakarprasad Krishnamurthy
Laurel Purves       Eric Scott      Taylor Stratton

These leaders will join the following iMBA students currently serving on the iMBA Student Council: 
Smita Jha      Vaibhav Malik      Nicole Steele      Korey White
We would also like to thank the outgoing members for their incredible contributions to the iMBA program:
Peter Bruno        Danielle Bushell         Brett Coffee        Roberta Jorge
Awais Maqbool         Judy Safian        Danny Trusner
Faculty Highlights
Meet our amazing Gies Online Program Faculty! Each week we will highlight instructors and faculty to help build our Gies Online community.

Rich Excell, Instructor of Finance
Holding a Bachelors of Science in Finance from the University of Illinois and a Masters of Business Administration from University of Chicago, Rich Excell is thrilled to share his knowledge with our Gies Online students. Most recently, Rich served as the Senior Portfolio Manager of Wolverine Asset Management and was the CIO and Partner at Satori Investment Partners. Instructor Excell:
Lead Instructor for MBA 590: Financial Management Capstone

Jessen Hobson, Professor of Accountancy & Director of Deloitte Foundation Center
With a PhD in Accounting, Jessen Hobson currently serves as the Director of the Deloitte Foundation Center for Business Analytics. He recently was awarded the 2021 Innovation in Accounting Education Award, and has recently published several publications, which can be found in The Accounting Review and the Journal of Contemporary Accounting Research. Professor Hobson:
Lead Instructor for MBA 563: Data Toolkit and MBA 564: Special Topics 2

Ye Joo Park, Instructor of Accountancy
Ye Joo Park obtained both a Master of Accounting Science and a Bachelors of Science in Accountancy from the University of Illinois and a Masters of Science in Computer Science. Ye Joo is a Deloitte Center Fellow and was rated as Excellent by his students during the 2020 academic year! Ye Joo brings a wealth of knowledge as he recently worked as a Software Engineer for Samsung Electronics. Instructor Park:
Associate Instructor for MBA 542: Digital Marketing Analytics
Labor Day - US Holiday
September 6 | The University will be closed in observance of Labor Day, a US Federal Holiday.
iConverge 2021
September 16-18
Virtual Immersion to Ghana
October 6-19