At a Glance: August 16

Sep 3, 2021
Online Programs Announcements
DPI Speaker Series: Hear from Moderna co-founder Dr. Robert Langer
We invite you to participate in this upcoming event as part of the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) Speaker Series. DPI is a world-class research and education center led by the University of Illinois System, and is a close partner with Gies College of Business in driving innovation and growing the state’s workforce. On Wednesday, August 25 from 12-1 pm CT, Moderna co-founder Robert Langer will hold a fireside chat on the topic of turning earth’s tiniest particles into billion-dollar businesses. Register Here
HEERF III COVID-19 Emergency Grants
The University of Illinois will soon launch two new COVID-19 grant programs. Both are funded by the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) III, which is a part of the federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Graduate and professional students may submit a request for an emergency grant of up to $1,000 to help with financial challenges associated with COVID-19. Students enrolled in an on-campus or online program are eligible to apply regardless of nationality or citizenship status. More information about this grant is available online.

The application period for COVID-19 Emergency Grants will begin Monday, August 23 and close Friday, September 17, 2021. HEERF III COVID-19 Emergency Grants are administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid. If you have questions, please contact OFSA at or 217-333-0100.
MOOC Revisions for 2nd 8-week Courses
Because we strive to deliver innovative and exceptional course content, several MOOCs for upcoming courses will have significant changes. It is strongly recommended to not complete the following MOOCs until a new version has been launched:
BADM 567 - MOOCs 1 and 2
MBA 564 Special Topics 1 - MOOC 1
MBA 564 Special Topics 2 - MOOC 1 
MBA 544 - MOOC 1
If you have previously completed old versions of these MOOCs and have received the certificate, it will still be recognized. However, you should plan to watch any new video content in order to be successful in your accompanying high-engagement courses.
Faculty Highlights
Meet our amazing Gies Online Program Faculty! Each week we will highlight instructors and faculty to help build our Gies Online community.

Kari Keating, Teaching Associate Professor of Business Administration 
Professor Keating approaches teaching from a developmental perspective and believes learning environments should allow space to explore. Professor Keating has served as the Director of Leadership and the Vice President/Executive Director of Economic Development at St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce, and has taught courses in Leadership and Education & Communication for over nine years. Professor Keating:
    Associate Instructor of BADM 508: Leadership & Teams; Offered August & January

Xing Gao, Adjunct Teaching Assistant Professor of Finance
Professor Gao holds a PhD in Economics with a focus in Financial Economics and a M.S. in Statistics with a focus in Data Science from the University of Illinois. Professor Gao has had the pleasure of teaching many courses at the university, including teaching Data Science & Python for Finance. Professor Gao:
    Associate Instructor of FIN 511: Investments; Offered October & March

Matt Marcinkowski, Lecturer of Finance
Professor Marcinkowski has been a lecturer with the Department of Finance since 2008. He has published in the Journal of Leisure Research and presented his research at the National Recreation & Parks Association Symposium. Outside of Gies Online, Professor Marcinkowski teaches Financial Markets and Introduction to Finance. Professor Marcinkowski:
    Associate Instructor of ECON 529: Microeconomics for Business; Offered October & March
Summer Final Grades Available to View on UIUC Self-Service
August 14
iMSA Fall Courses Begin
August 23
Labor Day - US Holiday
September 6 | The University will be closed in observance of Labor Day, a US Federal Holiday.
iConverge 2021
September 16-18
Virtual Immersion to Ghana
October 6-19