At a Glance: July 12

Jul 21, 2021

Online Programs Announcements

Upcoming Webinar: Cyber Risk Triad: Technology, Security, and Insurance
Tuesday, July 13 at 11 AM US Central Time | Register Here
Every organization is a target for cybercrime, but medium- and small-sized companies are increasingly vulnerable. They are big enough to make the hit worthwhile, yet they lack a full-force IT department to put up sufficient defense. Cyber attacks dropped during the pandemic, and now the pace is picking up – with some high-profile ransomware incidents resulting in millions in payoffs. Cyber risk is a systemic risk, and building a better defense is mission critical. In this webinar, Lynne McChristian, John Donald, and Runhuan Feng provide tips and techniques to identify vulnerabilities and highlight a developing cyber risk model that will help insurers better price the risk in order to expand cyber coverage.
Have You Registered for Fall Classes?
The registration deadline is approaching. It is important to register as soon as possible to avoid a delay in accessing your courses. If your time ticket has not yet opened, take time now to plan out which courses you intend to register for.

If you need assistance registering, please drop into our Express Advising every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm CST to quickly get answers to your questions. Express Advising is first-come, first-serve. 
Upcoming MOOC Revisions
Because we strive to deliver innovative and exceptional course content, several MOOCs will have significant changes for the upcoming fall semester. It is strongly recommended to not complete the following MOOCs until a new version has been launched:
BADM 520 - MOOCs 1 and 2MBA 564 Special Topics 1 - MOOC 1
MBA 543 - MOOC 2     MBA 564 Special Topics 2 - MOOC 1
MBA 553 - MOOCs 1 and 2       MBA 544 - MOOC 1
BADM 567 - MOOCs 1 and 2 
The revised versions of each MOOC will be shared here in our At a Glance weekly newsletter. If you have previously completed old versions of these MOOCs and have received the certificate, it will still be recognized. However, you should plan to watch any new video content in order to be successful in your accompanying high-engagement courses.


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July 21
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August 2
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August 14