At a Glance - June 21

Jul 9, 2021
Online Programs Announcements
Deadline to Drop without a W
July 6: The deadline to drop MBA 563 without a W on your transcript
July 9: The deadline to drop BADM 403 and ACCY 516 without a W on your transcript.

Please review the refund guide to understand how this will impact your tuition.
Upcoming MOOC Revisions
Because we strive to deliver innovative and exceptional course content, several MOOCs will have significant changes for the upcoming fall semester. It is strongly recommended to not complete the following MOOCs until a new version has been launched:
BADM 520 - MOOCs 1 and 2MBA 564 A and B - MOOCs 1 and 2
MBA 543 - MOOC 2     MBA 544 - MOOC 1
MBA 553 - MOOCs 1 and 2       BADM 567 - MOOCs 1 and 2
The revised versions of each MOOC will be shared here in our At a Glance weekly newsletter. If you have previously completed old versions of these MOOCs and have received the certificate, it will still be recognized. However, you should plan to watch any new video content in order to be successful in your accompanying high-engagement courses.
It's Time to Finalize Your Fall Schedule
Have you selected your fall courses? Now is the time to log in to your Degree Portal and identify which courses you'll be taking in order to progress with your program! If you want to review all of the courses available this fall, you can view our course offerings page. Be sure to review your fall time ticket, which can be found in self-service. Time tickets vary, so be sure to check when you are eligible for fall registration. Courses may fill up, so be sure to register as close to your time ticket as possible. Registering for courses past the registration deadline of July 21 will result in a delay in access to your courses, and class extensions will not be given.

Resumes are Needed! 
We are investing in a career acceleration tool leveraging the power of big data and powered by AI to provide personalized career development. In order to get started though, we need your help! We need to upload resumes from various industries and backgrounds – who better than our online students? If you want to participate, please remove your personal information (name and contact info) and upload your resume to by sending an email with your resume as an attachment. These will not be shared publicly.


  • Send an email to this address:
  • Make sure your resume is saved as an attachment, a pdf or doc file is great!
  • Do not include any text in the body of the email (this includes signature), your message should just include the subject: “Resume” and the attachment.

We are dreaming big and hope to launch in 8-12 months as we build this system. So thank you in advance for your patience during testing and your assistance while we build!

Attend the RIO (Recognition, Insight, and Openness) Series
Feeling isolated and lonely is very common, and life is very different than it was before the pandemic. RIO, led by Counseling Center clinicians, provides an interactive experience that will help you learn mindfulness skills to identify why you are feeling a variety of emotions. Learn more about the RIO series and upcoming dates here. The next session begins June 22 at 5 PM CT. 
iMSA Coffee Chats
July 7, August 4 - 6 PM CT
Join us on the first Wednesday of each month to connect with other iMSA students and with the Academic Director, Oktay Urcan. Ask Oktay questions about the field of Accountancy, or just come for a great chat! No prior registration is necessary. Join here. 
Independence Day Observation
July 5
University holiday.