At a Glance: May 31

Jun 8, 2021
Online Programs Announcements
Holiday Closure - Monday, May 31
The University of Illinois will be closed today, Monday, May 31 in observance of Memorial Day, a federal holiday in the United States. University offices are closed and no classes will be held, however, you may still have deadlines or assignments due today. There will be no Advising Express Hours offered.
Have You Heard About BADM 589: Project Management?
4 credit hours; October 13 – December 14
Taught by Fataneh Taghaboni-Dutta, Clinical Professor of Business Administration, this course aims to help you master the project management process. Central to this course is developing your understanding and ability to manage the technical dimensions of needs analysis, work breakdown, scheduling, resource allocation, risk management, and performance tracking and evaluation such that you can accomplish them while staying within the project's allocated time frame and cost. Hear from Fataneh Taghaboni-Dutta in her course introduction video. This course is open to students in iMBA, iMSM, and iMSA. This is a non-accountancy elective course.
Gies Zoom Backgrounds
If you want a great Zoom background to represent Gies College of Business, check them out here. Use these backgrounds in class or group meetings to show you orange and blue while blocking out the background of your home, kids and pets!
Memorial Day
Monday, May 31