At a Glance: March 8

Mar 9, 2021
Online Programs Announcements
Recording: Data-Driven Decision Makers
Last week, three Gies College of Business faculty members – Vic Anand, Jessen Hobson, and Kim Mendoza—as well as Deloitte data analytics professionals Evan Palmer and Beth Mueller explored the needs and career opportunities in this growing field. If you missed – or would like to review – a recording of the event is now available.
Do you have questions? We have answers!
March 10 is the soft-launch for iMBA & iMSM second 8-week courses. If you have questions as you start your next set of courses, the Student & Academic Success team is here to help! Attend office hours, drop-in to our one-on-one express advising, or schedule an appointment. You can learn more about these advising services on our Advising & Planning Page.
Business Analytics Focus Area Updates
The Business Analytics focus area is currently being revised. These revisions include:
  • Revised course content
  • Updated MOOC components
  • The removal of a Business Analytics Capstone
The attached document lays out the updates coming to the focus area. If you have questions regarding these updates after reading the document, please reach out to our team
Curriculum Change for Digital Marketing Focus Area
Beginning Spring 2022, MBA 541 & MBA 544 will be combined into one 4-credit hour course, MBA 545.Those who have completed only one of the MBA 541/544 sequence would have to take the new 4-hour course if they intend to complete the Digital Marketing focus area or use this sequence to reach 72 credit hours. MBA 541 will be offered this Spring 2021 (April 14 – May 11) and MBA 544 will be offered this Fall 2021 (October 13 – November 9).
Live Session Times For Second 8-Weeks Available Now
As you prepare for your second 8-week courses, please review the live session times for your courses. Attendance at one of the weekly live sessions is strongly encouraged. If unable to participate, students are expected to watch the recording of the live session as soon as possible. Attendance requirements will vary by course, so be sure to check the syllabus. Visit the website to view course offerings and live session times. 
Update Your Grouping Preference Form
Please take a moment to go into the group profile form and update your preferences as well as your availability. Preferences must be updated one week before courses begin. Bookmark the link to the form as it stores your preferences and will be continually used, unless otherwise updated. You do not need to fill out the form if there are no changes from your initial preferences.
iMBA: New Capstone Opportunity
If you are interested in teaming up with medical and engineering students to develop a new product, apply for the Carle College of Medicine Capstone by March 15. The bulk of the work from business students will occur April-August 2021 and then again in January-March 2022. Time commitment is around seven hours per week. Currently, we do not know the types of projects that students will be working on.

Students who are selected will be able to count this capstone for both of their required specialization capstones. At this time, the opportunity is only available to students who reside in the US and have completed at least 30 credit hours. Please reach out to Professor Ravi Mehta with any questions.
International Women's Day Webinar: Advancing Women in Leadership
TODAY! Monday, March 8  |  12-1 pm CST  |  Register Here
Women professionals seeking to make a bigger impact as a leader need the strategies to get the recognition and responsibility they have earned. Join Gies Business Associate Dean Brooke Elliott for a conversation about how women in business can gain a seat at the table and become a true leader in an organization. Hear about Associate Dean Elliott’s journey and learn as she shares best practice for women as they take the next step in their careers.
Webinar: Gender Branding Trends and Consequences for Marketers
Tuesday, March 9 |  11am-12pm CST  |  Register Here
In the era of constant disruption, defining gender branding trends and potential consequences for marketers is of essence.  Join us for this webinar, led by Carlos J. Torelli, a professor of marketing at University of Illinois, as we review some recent trends in gendered branding (or the practice of imbuing brands with symbolic gender meanings), such as gender-inclusive branding (or brand gender bending) and the emphasis on body positivity and inclusivity. We will also discuss what the research tells us about:
- the psychology of traditional and novel approaches to gendered branding
- which consumers are more likely to respond to traditional and novel approaches
- what the trends might mean for marketers
Deadlines to Drop Classes
March 9, March 19 
March 9 Deadline to drop a first 8-week course that began on January 13. March 19 Deadline to drop a first 8-week course that began on January 25. Please note, these dates are not based on the standard drop timeline, but are influenced by COVID-19. Refund dates still apply; please refer to the Refund Calendar Timetable.
Webinar: Managing Remote Work Relationships
Wednesday, March 24  |  11:30 am -12:30 pm CST  |  Register Here
Remote work is here to stay. Managers and employees who work remotely have plenty of technological tools to help get work done, but what about tools to foster collaborative relationships and handle conflict productively with people you never met in person? Judith White, teaching professor of business administration, will review the impact that remote work has on our natural relationship building, conflict resolution, and communication skills, and look at some new ideas for developing these skills online.