Announcements - November 30, 2020

Dec 4, 2020
Online Programs Announcements - November 30, 2020
Prepare for Spring Registration
Spring registration begins as early as this Wednesday, December 2. Be sure to view your time ticket and mark your calendar with your registration time. You are eligible to register for both first and second 8-week courses once your time ticket opens. Please make sure that you check our website for details on course offerings and how to register for classes. Creating a degree plan is highly recommended to ensure you stay on track and complete your program within your desired timeline.
Live Lecture Times
The times for the Spring 2021 courses have been announced. Attendance at one of the weekly live sessions is strongly encouraged. If unable to participate, students are expected to watch the recording of the live session as soon as possible. Attendance requirements will vary by course, so be sure to check the syllabus. Visit the website to view course offerings and live session times.
Need Assistance Registering?
Connect with our Success Specialists by attending Express Advising or Office Hours. You do not need to pre-register to attend. You can read more about Express Advising and Office Hours, along with times and Zoom Links, on our website.
Upcoming MOOC Revision: MBA 561 & MBA 563
The Coursera content for MBA 561: Introduction to Business Analytics: Data and the Firm & MBA 653: Data Toolkit - Business Data Modeling & Predictive Analytics will be undergoing revisions to make necessary improvements to the MOOC content. It is recommended that you do not begin working on these MOOCs until the revisions are completed. If you have previously completed the MOOCs for these courses, then you have met the certificate requirement of these courses.
Graduating in Spring 2021?
Students finishing their program in Spring 2021 will need to add their name to the degree list. We recommend doing this at the same time of registering for your Spring 2021 courses. You can find instructions on how to add your name to the degree list here.

iMBA students will need to register for the Program Capstone, MBA 591, 48 hours after adding their name to the degree list. MBA 591 is a requirement for iMBA students in their final term.

May 2021 Commencement Ceremonies
The University of Illinois continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and its potential impact on university events. At this time, the university has not yet made a decision about Commencement for May 2021. The university’s COVID-19 information page is a good source for the latest information about the virus and its impact on university operations and plans.
Virtual Homecoming
November 29 - December 5 | View Full List of Events
We are looking forward to Homecoming 2020, which will be held the week of November 29-December 5. This has always been a highlight of the year, and we are looking forward to celebrating. All Homecoming activities will be virtual. Gies Business and the university have many activities planned for the week, so join in on the fun!
Webinar: Do Data Analysts Need Cookies?
Thursday, December 10 | 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm CST | Register Here
Snickerdoodle cookies are delicious morsels of food that provide energy to data analysts so that they can perform their work. Website cookies are an important tool used to provide data for analysis. In this webinar from Online Programs, Ron Guymon, senior lecturer of accountancy, will discuss the work performed by data analysts, which is much more than running fancy algorithms. Kevin Hartman, director of analytics for Google's Consumer, Government & Entertainment sector, will discuss how our current browsing experience depends on website cookies, and the potential implications of Apple and Google blocking cookies.
December Convocation
Saturday, December 19 | 10:00 am | Join Here
Save the Date! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person December Convocation ceremonies for Gies College of Business will not take place as scheduled. Our virtual Convocation for graduates of our online programs (iMSA and iMBA) will take place on Saturday, December 19 at 10 am US Central Time. We invite all students to attend and celebrate the incredible accomplishment of our iMBA and iMSA students. Join using the link above or with the following information: Zoom Meeting ID: 829 7227 4259;Zoom Meeting Password: webinar